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AT 365 Tax Services LLC, We provide High-Quality tax preparation and Affordable Tax Software services to individuals and businesses in the United States. We have a team of experienced tax professionals who are here to help you with all of your tax needs.

We offer a variety of services, including tax return preparation, tax planning, and tax consulting. Our tax specialists can help you with your federal and state taxes, as well as your local taxes. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and we’re here to help you get the most out of your tax return.

We’re committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. We also offer a free consultation, so you can get to know us and our services before you commit to anything.

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“With our private client portal, you can file virtually from the comfort of your home. Once you complete and upload your tax return, one of our tax specialists will review it, generate tax strategies on how to reduce your tax bill, and e-file your return on your behalf.”

“Let our Tax Preparers put their over 8 years of professional tax preparation experience to use to get you every penny you deserve.”

365 Tax Services is the fast, easy, and accurate way to file your taxes online. With 24/7 support, you can be sure that your taxes are filed correctly and securely.


Save time and money with 365 Tax Services.


The easiest way to get your taxes done right.


Get your taxes done accurately and securely with 365 Tax Services.

Secure Online

Taxes don't have to be complicated. We make it Fast, Easy, and Accurate for you. Plus, our online services are Secure and we offer 24/7 Support.

24/7 Support

Get support when you need it with 365 Tax Services' 24/7 support.

About Us

We specialize in:

365 Tax Services is a one-stop shop when it comes to Taxes & Software. We have a team of tax professionals that specialize in different areas of tax law, so we can help you with any tax issue you may have. We also offer a free consultation so we can assess your tax situation and give you the best possible solution.

At 365 Tax Services, We understand that dealing with taxes can be stressful. That’s why we take a personal approach to every client we work with. We’ll get to know you and your unique tax situation, so we can find the best solution for you.

If you’re ready to get started, contact us today to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to helping you resolve your tax issues.

Serving All 50 States

Tax Consultant
Legal Business
Services Provided

Our Legal & Tax Consultant Services

We Have Professional Tax Software Designed to Grow Your Business.

365 Tax Services is the nation’s leading provider of tax preparation and software services for businesses and individuals. We have qualified and certified professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients.

Software Features

100% Cloud Based Technology

  • Low Fees
  • Offer Advance Loans
  • Customizable Mobile App
  • Demo/Software Training
  • Electronic Remote Signatures
  • Unlimited Federal & State 
  • Service ALL States
  • Unlimited Users
  • Incredibly Secure
  • Pc Backup (ability to download /backup tax returns files to a PC
  • Unlimited Rebates
  • Paperless Technology
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • User Friendly & Much More

Amended Returns

We know the ins and outs of preparing amended returns. An amended return is a tax return that you file to make changes to a previously filed tax return. You might have to file an amended return because you need to make changes to your filing status, the number of dependents you have, the amount of income you earned, the deductions or credits you're taking, or because you received an incorrect Form 1099 or W-2.

When it comes to amending your taxes, you can't afford to wait. That's why 365 Tax Services offers 24/7 availability to get your amended return filed as soon as possible.

Individual Tax Preparation

No one likes doing their taxes, but with 365 Tax Services, we make it as painless as possible. We'll take care of all the paperwork and make sure you get all the deductions and credits you're entitled to. We're available 365 days a year, so you can get your taxes done on your schedule.

We know that preparing your taxes can be stressful. That's why we offer individual tax preparation services. We'll work with you to make sure your return is accurate and filed on time.

Available 365 24/7

And because we know the ins and outs of the tax code, we can get you the maximum refund you're entitled to. If you've missed the deadline or need to make changes to a previous return, we can help. Don't wait until the last minute to file your taxes. 365 Tax Services can help you get it done now so you can get on with your life. We're available 24/7, so you can call us anytime. We'll make sure you get the maximum refund you're entitled to.

Refund Advances up to$7,000

No Credit check, Tax Refund Loans up to $7,000 within 1 Hour

If you’re owed a tax refund, you’re probably eager to get your hands on the money. And who can blame you? A tax refund is like found money – it can be used to pay off debts, build up your savings, or just treat yourself to a little something special.

But what if you need the money right away, and can’t wait for the IRS to process your refund? That’s where a tax refund advance comes in.

A tax refund advance is a loan against your expected tax refund, which means you can get your hands on the money you’re owed faster. And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about repayment – once the IRS processes your refund, the loan will be automatically repaid, with no additional interest or fees.


Tax Audit Support


Tax Payer ID (ITIN)


Prepare Taxes


Offer Refund Advance

Our Composition Provided

Virtual Tax Filing

If you’re sick of waiting in line at the tax office, 365 Tax Services offers virtual tax filing! Our online system makes it easy and convenient to file your taxes from the comfort of your own home. Plus, our tax experts are available to answer any questions you may have along the way. Learn more today and take the hassle out of tax season!

Easy Working Process

Working with 365 Tax Services is easy. We'll take care of everything for you so you can focus on your business. We have a simple, three-step process:

  • Send us your information. We’ll need some basic information from you in order to get started.
  • We’ll prepare your return. Once we have your information, we’ll get to work preparing your tax return.
  • We’ll file your return. Once your return is complete, we’ll file it with the IRS on your behalf.

It’s that easy! We’ll handle everything so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Contact us today to get started.

Our Official Partner

Mission Statement

365 Tax Services is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality tax preparation & Affordable Software . We are committed to maintaining our excellent reputation by providing individualized attention and service to each and every client. Our Mission Statement is simple – “To provide the best possible tax service & Software to our clients, while maintaining the highest ethical standards.”

Working Proccess

Our Easy Process

365 Tax Services is a nationwide tax preparation and Software service. We make tax preparation easy and stress-free. Our team of tax professionals are ready to help you every step of the way. We have a simple four-step process:

Step 1

Gather your documents.

The first step is to gather all of your tax documents. This includes your W-2, 1099, and any other tax forms you may have. If you’re not sure which documents you need, our team can help you out.

Step 2

Upload your documents

Once you have all of your documents, you can upload them to our secure website. We use the latest security technology to keep your information safe and secure.

Step 3

We’ll prepare your taxes

After we have your documents, we’ll get to work preparing your taxes. We’ll make sure everything is correct and take care of any filing requirements.

Last Step

File your taxes

Once your taxes are prepared, we’ll file them for you. We can file electronically or by mail, whichever you prefer. You can relax knowing your taxes are taken care of.

Testimonials Client

What Our Clients Say?

At 365 Tax Services, our clients are our top priority. We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our clients, and we’re always looking for ways to improve. We value feedback from our clients and use it to help us improve our services.

We’re always happy to hear from our clients, and we encourage you to leave a review if you’re satisfied with our services. We want to know what we’re doing right and what we can improve, so we can continue to provide the best possible experience for our clients.

If you're looking for a streamlined, virtual tax filing experience, you'll want to give 365 Tax Services a try. The registration process is quick and easy, and the platform is extremely user-friendly. I was able to file my taxes in a matter of minutes, and I didn't have to worry about any of the usual headaches that come with tax season. I would definitely recommend 365 Tax Services to anyone who's looking for a hassle-free way to file their taxes.

I have used 365 Tax Services for my taxes the past two years and have been more than pleased with the results. They are very professional and take the time to ensure that everything is done correctly. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable and trustworthy tax service.

When it comes to tax preparation, I always trust 365 Tax Services. They have always been able to help me get the biggest refund possible and they make the process so easy. They made doing my taxes so easy and stress free. They are professional, efficient, and always get me the best results. I highly recommend them

I've been using 365 Tax Services for 3 years now and have never been disappointed. They are professional, courteous, and always get the job done right. 365 Tax Services is the only tax service I will use from now on.

This company is amazing! They are always available to answer my tax questions and they are so quick and efficient. I have used them for years and would recommend them to anyone! This is the best tax service I have ever used! They are so quick and efficient and they always get me the best refund possible. Plus, their customer service is amazing. They are always available to answer any questions I have and they are just so friendly.

If you're looking for a hassle-free way to file your taxes, 365 Tax Services is the way to go! Their platform is user-friendly and makes it easy to get your taxes done quickly and efficiently. Plus, their team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have. I've never had such a great experience working with a tax service.

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    Looking to get your taxes done but dread the hassle of going into an office? Well, with 365 Tax Services, you can forget about making an appointment and trekking down to a stuffy office. We provide a platform for virtual tax filing, so you can do your taxes from the comfort of your own home. And our services are available 24/7, so you can file your taxes on your schedule. Plus, we have a team of tax experts on hand to answer any questions you may have along the way. So why wait? Get started on your taxes today with 365 Tax Services.

    365 Tax Services is a powerful online tax filing platform that makes it easy for users to file their taxes online, without having to download any software or visit a physical location. The whole process can be completed in just a few minutes, and users can even choose to have their taxes filed automatically, through the use of our Auto-File feature.

    The platform is very straightforward to use – users simply need to create an account and then input their tax information. Once all the relevant information has been entered, users can then choose to have their taxes filed automatically, or they can choose to file them manually.

    There are many benefits of using 365 Tax Services, including the fact that it’s a very convenient way to file your taxes, as you can do it entirely online. In addition, the platform is very user-friendly, so even if you’re not familiar with tax filing, you should be able to figure it out without any problems. Finally, our Auto-File feature can save you a lot of time and hassle, as it will automatically file your taxes for you.

    If you’re interested in using 365 Tax Services, simply create an account on our website. Once you’ve done that, you can input your tax information and then choose whether you want to file your taxes manually or have them filed automatically.

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